Here is the list of episode now available and where to find them under the "Genre Selection" in the toolbar: 

  • Episode 23:  Craig Wedren of Shudder To Think (Premiers 8pm Eastern 5/23/2019) 
  • Episode 22:  Tyler from Hollow Front (*Soon to be in Metal Mania)
  • Episode 21:  Adam Holt (They Call It The Blues) 
  • Episode 20:  Roads of Tropidelic (Ska to the Reggae)
  • Episode 19: Corey McLane of Exhale (Loud, Hard, and Heavy)
  • Episode 18: See You In The Funnies (The Alternatives)
  • Episode 17: The Currys (Singer/Songwriters)
  • Episode 16: Mark Henning of Pure and Combine The Victorious (Indie 500)
  • Episode 15: Dave Wakeling of The English Beat and General Public (Ska To The Reggae)
  • Episode 14: Rob Wharton of Cognitive (Metal Mania)
  • Episode 13: El Shirota (Punk It To The 'Core)
  • Episode 12: Ryan Clark of Demon Hunter (Loud, Hard, and Heavy)
  • Episode 11: Episode V The Pauses (Six Degrees of Jawbox)
  • Episode 10: Darren Young of Brigades (Pop Punk)
  • Episode 9: The Eccentrics  (Indie 500)
  • Episode 8: Phil Freeman of Small Town Titans (Loud, Hard, and Heavy)
  • Episode 7: Danielle DeCosmo (Singer/Songwriters)
  • Episode 6: Luc and Conor of Calling All Captains (Pop Punk)
  • Episode 5: La Lucha (Jazzin' Up The Place)
  • Episode 4: Part IV Krista and Dave of Lapeche (Six Degrees of Jawbox)
  • Episode 4: Part III Rob Haworth of Second Letter (Six Degrees of Jawbox)
  • Episode 4: Part II Krista, Dave, and Drew of Lapeche (Six Degrees of Jawbox)
  • Episode 4: Part I J Robbins of Jawbox (Six Degrees of Jawbox)
  • Episode 3: Doug Grey of The Marshall Tucker Band (Country and Southern Rock)
  • Episode 2: Brianna Musco (Singer/Songwriters)
  • Episode 1: Tim McIlrath of Rise Against  (Punk It To The 'Core)


Special Features


After a long hiatus, the legendary band JAWBOX is going across the United States this summer for "An Impartial Overview" tour. Click the 'Travel to the Six Degrees of Jawbox' button below to hear interviews Don had with the following: 

*NEW* Episode 11 is now available.  Tierney and Jason of the band The Pauses join "The Don" and discuss the multitude of 'goosebump' moments in their music.  The Pauses will be opening for Jawbox in Washington, DC at the 9:30 Club on Saturday June 29, 2019. For more info:  and for more information.  Fun Fact:  J. Robbins of Jawbox produced and engineered the recorded music.  

Episode 4 Part I: J. Robbins of Jawbox as we discuss "Freezerburn" from "Grippe" and "Linkwork" from "Novelty".  

For more on Jawbox: and

Episode 4 Parts II and IV:  Interviews with  LAPêCHE  and we review several 'goosebump' moments in their music.   LAPêCHE  will be opening for Jawbox on several shows during the tour.  J. Robbins also produced/engineered the band's recorded music.

For more on LAPêCHE:    

Epsiode 4 Part III: Interview with Rob Haworth of Second Letter and review the 'goosebump' moments in the band's music.  Second Letter is opening for Jawbox the first night of the tour June 14th in Cambridge , MA at The Sinclair.  Second Letter's drummer is Pete Moffett who is the drummer on J. Robbins' band Burning Airlines.   

For more on Second Letter: 

For all of the tour information: and 

Travel to the Six Degrees Jawbox

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