About "The Don"

"The Don" has loved music and comedy since the time in his mother's womb.  His mom and dad would play The Beach Boys and The Beatles with the speaker close to his mom's belly so he could listen.  Through the years Don's passion for music was unhinged.   There is no genre out of scope for Don so "The Don's Hit List Podcast" will be very eclectic.  

As Don was in his elementary years he would sneak into his dad's vinyl album collection and listen to various comedy albums and he was hooked on laughing.   Stand-up comedy and movies such as Airplane!, Blazing Saddles, and Caddyshack paved the way for the style of humor he would come to enjoy.  

In 2008, Don helped to create Octave Match Entertainment and began conducting interviews with unsigned bands.  Artists appreciated his detailed attention to their music, as one artist named Jeremy Hagen of Afterglow Radio put it, "This is the best interview we have ever had because this guy focuses on the music!"   This is something Don took seriously and was the main goal of the interviews.   Between 2008 - 2011, Don interviewed bands and artists including Bill Leverty of Firehouse,  George Lynch of Dokken, Nixon of Framing Hanley, Jeremy of A Day to Remember, Doug Grey of the Marshall Tucker Band, John Gourley of Portugal, The Man before their meteoric rise, New Found Glory, Slightly Stoopid, Pepper...The list goes on and on.  In fact, Tim McIlrath of Rise Against said directly to Don that it was a "Great Interview!" once the interview was finished.   

Now, in 2019, "The Don" is back and is ready to share the passion of music once again.   

Dashlight Entertainment presents "The Don's Hit List" which will bring artists in music and comedy to the forefront via interviews so the observer will gain a better understanding about the artist and their art.   

Dashlight Entertainment's goal is to help the artists in music and comedy to get as much attention as possible so that the appreciation for their art will know no boundaries.  This podcast is 'Not For Profit' and is for educational purposes for the listener to appreciate the artists collection of music as the music is analyzed and critiqued in a positive way.   Don encourages everyone to buy or stream the artists' music.  

"The Don" also encourages EVERYONE to visit their local animal shelter and rescue a dog or cat so they are not destroyed just for being homeless.   Please show love to our animal friends!

Suncoast Animal League

Suncoast Animal League is a non-profit, no-kill, no-time-limit animal welfare agency that cares for domestics and wildlife. Because our facility is only 1,700 sq. ft., we rely mostly on volunteer foster families to take animals into their homes until they get new forever families. As a result of our limited capacity in space, we are unable to take stray animals and do not have an open admissions policy.

The Harmony Program

The Harmony Program provides after-school music education programs in underserved communities across New York City.