Ep 85: Bobby and Danny of WANK

Episode 67: Ray Carlisle of Teenage BottleRocket

Ray Carlisle of Teenage Bottlerocket joined The Don's Hit List to go over some of the goosebump moments in the band's songs.   Personal favorite songs we dive into is "The First Time I Did Acid Was The Last Time I Did Acid".  

Ep 39 Part 1: Jason Camacho of Audio Karate

Jason Camacho of Audio Karate joins The Don's Hit List to discuss the goosebump moments in "Space Camp" and "Lady Melody"   

Ep 39 Part 2: Jason Camacho and Bill Stevenson

Jason Camacho of Audio Karate discuss tracks from their upcoming album "Malo".   Bill Stevenson (Black Flag / Descendents / All) joins the show to discuss the goosebump moments in the collections of music as well as one of his favorite moments in the studio. 

Ep 23: Craig Wedren (Shudder To Think)

Craig Wedren joins The Don's Hit List Podcast to go through some of the many goosebump moments in the Shudder To Think songs.  This was like going back to 90s and having Craig in the car or in my music room as we go through some of the songs that I love.   

Ep 82 Side 1: Adam Wade (Jawbox/Shudder To Think)

Ep 82 Side 2: Adam Wade

Ep 32: Jonah Matranga (Far)

Jonah Matranga of the band Far joins The Don's Hit List podcast to discuss the Kickstarter project "Halfway To A Hundred".   We also discuss and play the goosebump moments in "Tin Cans With Strings To You" and "Water and Solutions". 

Ep 38: Sohrab Habibion of Edsel

 Sohrab Habibion of Edsel joins The Don's Hit List to go over the goosebump moments in their classic 90s album "Techniques Of Speed Hypnosis". 

Ep 73: Skylar of Taking Meds

 Skylar is the vocalist, guitarist, songwriter for the incredible post hardcore band out of Rochester NY: TAKING MEDS. Their influences go from all of the great Post Hardcore bands out of Chapel Hill, NC such as Superchunk, Archers of Loaf, and Polvo. They also have influences including Jawbox, Shiner, and Failure. This was an excellent featuring excellent goosebump moments in the music. 

Ep 88: Sam Treber of Short Fictions

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Ep 86: Dustin of The Weak Days

Ep 91: Kivi of Kittenhead

Ep 52: Mats and Stian of Still Shaking

Norwegian pop punkers Mats and Stian from the band Still Shaking joined The Don's Hit List to go over the goosebump moments in their music.  Fans of NOFX, Green Day, Blink 182, and Sum 41 will love this band. 

Ep13: El Shirota

"The Don" is joined by the Mexican punk band El Shirota.  What you will learn is that the Mexican punk/post hardcore scene is alive and well.   This band has all of the elements of the great underground punk/post hardcore bands of the 90s in the US.   

Ep 4 Part I: Jawbox w/ J Robbins Grippe and Novelty

 The Don's Hit List Podcast Episode 4 features Part 1 where we discuss  the legendary PostHardcore band Jawbox. There are also conversations  with J Robbins from Jawbox regarding the tremendous songs "Freezerburn"  and "Linkwork". 


"The Don" goes through the Rise Against catalogue finding the 'goosebump' moments in the songs.   He also chats with Tim Mcilrath (Lead Vocalist/Guitars/Lyrics) of Rise Against regarding a few of these tracks.   Matty from Madness To Creation magazine joins as well.  

Ep 4 Part III: Rob Haworth of Second Letter

Rob is a legend in the hardcore/punk/post hardcore scene as he formed  the band Farside, worked with many great musicians including Mike Ness  of Social Distortion. We also talk about Rob growning up/going to school  with Zach and Tim C from Rage Against the Machine.