Welcome To The Goosebump Moments In Music

This page is dedicated to the 'goosebump' moments in Loud, Hard, and Heavy music that make you want to replay a part of the song over and over and over...

Episodes on this page:

  • Episode 12: Ryan Clark of Demon Hunter
  • Episode 8: Phil Freeman of Small Town Titans
  • Episode 19: Corey McLane of Exhale


The Don" spends time with Ryan Clark (Lead Vocals/Lyrics) of Demon Hunter to discuss the 'goosebump' moments from two songs on their new "WAR" album, two songs on their new "PEACE" album, and one song from the "OUTLIVE" album.  

We are joined by Michael Baker (Lead Vocals) of the band Fall Of Envy. 

Ep8: Phil Freeman of Small Town Titans

"The Don" and Phil Freeman discuss the 'goosebump' moments in the music of Small Town Titans.  

Fun Facts: 

- RIYL: Myles Kennedy/Alter Bridge, Chris Cornell, Buckcherry 

- Phil Freeman's cousin is the band LIVE's frontman  Ed Kowalczyk 

Ep19: Corey McLane of Exhale

 "The Don" discusses with Corey McLane (Vocals/Rhythm Guitar/Songwriter) for the New England band EXHALE. We discuss four tracks from the band including one that I feel could be in the closing credits of Top Gun 2. We talk about Corey's vocals and the