This page is dedicated to the 'goosebump' moments in METAL as discussed with the artists.  

Ep 51: Scott Kelly of The Wizards of Winter

Scott Kelly of the holiday progressive rock supergroup The Wizards of Winter joined The Don's Hit List to discuss their upcoming how November 15, 2019 at the Bilheimer Capitol Theater in Clearwater, FL.  We also discussed several goosebump moments from their collection of songs.    Members of The Wizards of Winter have performed in legendary bands including Rainbow, Def Leppard, Blue Oyster Cult, Trans-Siberian Orchestra, and Trixter. 

Ep 28: Scott and Matt of Cryptodira

Scott Acquavella (Guitar/Vocals)and Matt Taibi (Drums) of the band 

joined The Don's Hit List podcast to discuss the goosebump moments in their music.


Photo Credit: Mark Valentino

Ep 26: John Matos of Abiotic

We dive into the dark side with John Matos of the Death Metal band Abiotic.   We go through several of the band's tracks focusing on the goosebump moments.   We also have an emotional discussion about their new single "Emerald" and the tragedy that inspired this song and how it was therapeutic.  

Ep 22: Tyler Tate of Hollow Front

Tyler Tate (Vocals/Lyricist) for the band Hollow Front goes through the 'goosebump' moments in their music. Tyler talks about going through some really difficult times and how they meld into lyrics.

We talk about societal witch hunts, body shaming, and a possible new name Hollow Front fans.

Ep14: Rob Wharton of Cognitive

"The Don" spends some time with guitarist Rob Wharton of the Metal band Cognitive. We go through Cognitive's entire "Matricide" album and identify the 'goosebump' moments in the music. Rob and his band were dealing with touring vehicle troubles as well as recovery from the flu to do the interview.