The page is dedicated to the 'goosebump' moments in Punk and Hardcore music including Post Hardcore, Melodic Hardcore, and Emotional Hardcore

Ep 39 Part 2: Jason Camacho and Bill Stevenson

Jason Camacho of Audio Karate discuss tracks from their upcoming album "Malo".   Bill Stevenson (Black Flag / Descendents / All) joins the show to discuss the goosebump moments in the collections of music as well as one of his favorite moments in the studio. 

Ep 39 Part 1: Jason Camacho of Audio Karate

Jason Camacho of Audio Karate joins The Don's Hit List to discuss the goosebump moments in "Space Camp" and "Lady Melody"   

Ep 59: Bristol To Memory

The band from the Golden State, Bristol To Memory, joins The Don's Hit List to go over the goosebump moments in their music.  The band is influenced by Lagwagon, Cursive, and The Get Up Kids.   This all comes out in their music and thus multiple goosebump moments. 

Ep 47: Film Director Kyle Kilday

 Director Kyle Kilday of the music documentary film "The Last Scene" joins The Don's Hit List to discuss the project. The film is about the underground hardcore/emo scene from 1997 to 2007. How it went from garages to DIY shows to mainstream.

Ep13: El Shirota

"The Don" is joined by the Mexican punk band El Shirota.  What you will learn is that the Mexican punk/post hardcore scene is alive and well.   This band has all of the elements of the great underground punk/post hardcore bands of the 90s in the US.   


"The Don" goes through the Rise Against catalogue finding the 'goosebump' moments in the songs.   He also chats with Tim Mcilrath (Lead Vocalist/Guitars/Lyrics) of Rise Against regarding a few of these tracks.   Matty from Madness To Creation magazine joins as well.