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Ep11: Tierney and Jason of The Pauses

"The Don" is joined by Tierney (Vocals, Bass, Keys) and Jason (Guitars) of the band The Pauses to discuss the multitude of 'goosebump' moments in their music.   There were laughs, there were "Whoa!"s, there were stories to share.   Fun Fact: J Robbins of Jawbox produced and engineered the music.  

Ep4 Part IV: LAPêCHE "Spirit Bunnies"

"The Don" goes for round Deux with Krista (Vocals/Guitar/Lyrics) and Dave (Bass) from the band  LAPêCHE  regarding their new EP "Spirit Bunnies"  We discuss the 'goosebump'/'Psyche 'em out' moments in their songs.   Rob Haworth of Second Letter joins in.   

Ep4 Part III: Second Letter with Rob Haworth

"The Don" chats with Rob Haworth of the band "Second Letter".  They discuss Rob's music career and musician friends that many will know.  We also discuss the 'goosebump' moments in Second Letter's debut album "Cicatrix".  Second Letter will be kicking off the Jawbox tour on June 14th.  

Ep4 Part II:LAPêCHE "Bright & Bending", "The Second Arrow"

"The Don" chats with Krista (Vocals/Guitars/Lyrics), Dave (Bass), and Drew (Lead Guitars) regarding their two records : "Bright and Bending" and "The Second Arrow".  We go through the 'goosebump' moments in the tracks which were engineered by J. Robbins of Jawbox.

Ep4 Part I: Jawbox "Grippe" and "Novelty" w/ J. Robbins

"The Don" and his long time friend Keith (and fellow Jawbox superfan) review the 'goosebump' moments in "Grippe" and "Novelty" (The first two Jawbox records.  Don also discusses with J. Robbins about the tracks "Freezerburn" and "Linkwork"